Panzerglass Tablet-Schutzfolie E2E Galaxy Tab A 10.5 ", Bildschirmdiagonale: 10.5 ", Tablet Kompatibilität: Galaxy Tab A 10.5, Folien Effekt: Stossfest, Kratzfest, Kristallklar, Fettabweisend, Verpackungseinheit: 1 Stück

Manufacturer Panzerglass
Manufacturer# 7169
Delivery time: 2-3 days
CHF 43.00
PanzerGlass Edge-to-Edge screen protectors are made of flat tempered glass and cover the entire front surface of the device. The screen protector typically features at least one precision drilled hole that matches the position of the loudspeaker, but additional openings to accommodate sensors, buttons and camera elements may also occur depending on the device in question. The shape of the screen protector is optimized to maximize protection while maintaining functionality and ease of use. All edges are carefully rounded and polished and PanzerGlass Edge-to-Edge screen protectors are furthermore coated with an anti-fingerprint layer in order to maintain and secure an excellent touch and feel from the original glass.

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